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AMRUT – Accelerated Review Meetings – Feb- May 2019

8th Feb  2019 : The Additional Chief Secretary of LSG Department has initiated a series of Accelerated Review Meetings regarding the progress of implementation of AMRUT in Kerala. The first meeting of the series was held on 8.2.2019. Keeping in view  the telephonic conversation with Shri. Durga Shanker Mishra IAS, Secretary, MoHUA about the pathetic situation in the progress of implementation of AMRUT schemes in Kerala and with  the  Parliament Election notification  awaited during the first week of March, 100% achievement in all pending milestones before 25th February 2019 is highly crucialand hence state has to exert maximum efforts to recuperate the project progress.

The Additional Chief Secretary, LSGD analyzed the present status of the project implemented by KWA and ULB separately as per the data submitted by SMMU Team and directed the SMMU Experts to vigorously monitor on daily basis the three pending milestones ie., TS issuance, Tendering and Work awarding. 

 The meeting decided to implement the following:

  • The pending milestones – AS issued but TS pending, TS issued but Tendering pending, Tendered but award pending – should be completed before 25th February 2019.
  • SMMU shall issue D.O. letters to Secretary, WRD and MD KWA requesting the details of works to be tendered, awarded, under implementation, completed etc. with details of expenditure and anticipated fund requirement. KWA shall complete the pending milestones before the declaration of Parliament Election. 
  • SMMU shall issue  D.O. letters to ULB Mayors/Chairpersons, Secretaries, ULB Engineers, Chief  Engineer –  LSGD, Agencies like KMRL, Harbour Engineering, IKM, Railway etc. notifying the present critical situation and hence to achieve the pending milestones before the declaration of parliament election.
  • The concerned officers shall also notify their respective consultants to promptly support for achieving these time bound targets.
  • All projects for which AS is issued shall be given TS and to Tender them before notification of Parliament Election. The task is assigned to Shri. Dileep, UIE, SMMU.
  • All projects for which TS issued shall be Tendered before the notification of Election. The task is assigned to Shri. Priyalal Joseph, Urban Planner, SMMU
  • All projects which are tendered shall be awarded before the notification of Election. The task is assigned to Shri. Shajan S., Team Leader, SMMU
  • The daily monitoring of progress and updating of website will be done by Smt. Bhagavathy Iyer, IT and ME Expert.
  • Rigorous follow up with Finance Department and ensuring the requisite flow of funds to mission cities for project implementation will be done by Sri. Sijo V.S., Municipal Finance Expert, SMMU.
  • With 55 weeks in hand, all efforts should be taken to achieve weekly expedition of progress of 2.5%

Details of Accelerated Review Meetings chaired by the ACS, LSGD : 

Meeting No. Date Participants Outcome
ARM – 1 8/2/2019 SMMU Team Strategy finalised to complete pending tasks and Responsibilities fixed
ARM – 2 12/2/2019

Mission Director, AMRUT

MD, Kerala Water Authority


Pendency in issuing TS, Tendering of work and awarding of projects executed by KWA analysed in detail with the KWA team. ACS issued a DO letter to the MD, KWA alongwith the list of TS-Tender-Award pending projects to be taken by by KWA on priority.

Pendency Status during the Accelerated Review Meeting on 8.Feb.2019 chaired by Additional Chief Secretary, LSGD 

Kerala Tendered but not Awarded TS issued but not tendered AS issued but TS pending
Num Amount in Cr Num Amount in Cr Num Amount in Cr
Water Supply – KWA 10 87.06 4 5.89 4 36.00
 Sewerage – KWA 26 110.92 3 8.43 4 13.68
Total KWA 36 197.98 7 14.32 8 49.68
WS – Non KWA 1 3.36 2 3.33 4 5.48
SEW – Non KWA 6 26.95 8 60.58 5 232.95
Storm Water Drainage  11 19.91 0 0.00 0 0.00
Urban Transport 16 41.27 1 11.24 1 3.18
Green Spaces & Parks 7 4.12 3 7.36 0 0.00
Total Non – KWA 41 95.61 14 82.51 10 241.61
Grand Total 77 293.59 21 96.83 18 291.29


Progress in Pending Milestones (As on 7.Jun.2019)

Kerala Tendered but not Awarded TS issued but not tendered AS issued but TS pending
Num Amount in Cr Num Amount in Cr Num Amount in Cr
KWA projects 34 146.88 1 4.00 2 11
Non-KWA projects 47 360.04 0 0 6 9.32
Total Pendency 81 506.92 1 4.00 8 20.32